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Zackary Ellis Sanders on Safe Hunting Practices

Zackary Ellis Sanders is an experienced hunter who often brings people out on their first hunting excursion. New hunters are usually very nervous as they want to make sure that they not only stay safe, but that they keep everyone around them safe as well. Today, Zackary Ellis Sanders will provide some safety tips that will help even the most inexperienced hunters enjoy their time on a hunting trip.

The first thing to keep in mind about hunting is that preparation is essential. Zackary Ellis Sanders believes that those that prepare appropriately for their hunting excursion will have a much more enjoyable experience. While Zackary Ellis Sanders wouldn’t call hunting a fashion show, he would say that choosing what to wear is very important. There’s a special shade of orange called hunter orange that should be worn on nearly every hunting excursion. Yes, camouflage is usually the preferred choice of hunters, but a hunter orange hat can make it easier for other hunters to identify you while out on the trails. Most hunts have a particular animal in mind. If you know you are on the hunt for turkey, don’t dress like a turkey! Avoid red, white, blue or black. Any colors that have you blending in with the prey should be avoided.

Before anyone heads out on a hunt, they should understand the capabilities of their gun and their ammunition. Each gun has a different range that it can reach with a bullet. Zackary Ellis Sanders believes no shot should be taken unless missing will be safe for all fellow hunters. Understanding how far a bullet will travel can help a hunter gauge relevant risk factor. One of the reasons safety courses are required before a person is even legally allowed to hunt is to ensure people know to identify the target before putting the finger near the trigger. Shooting at sounds or movement is how accidents happen. If you can’t see it, don’t shoot it.

Inspection of a gun prior to a hunt is mandatory. All equipment should be confirmed to be in good working order and the sight should be adjusted to your specifications before ever heading out. Beyond equipment, research of the hunting area should be done prior to a hunt. For instance, all hunts on private land will have specific limitations. Knowing the surroundings not only helps keep a hunter safe, but it also provides them with an advantage on their quest.

Finally, Zackary Ellis Sanders believes all inexperienced hunters should only go out when they can have an experienced hunter by their side. Those without a friend or family member to take them out should simply seek out a member of their local hunting community. Hunters are typically a welcoming bunch who are passionate about what they do. Everyone started somewhere, so they are usually more than willing to offer guidance.


Zackary Ellis Sanders on Returning to Running After an Injury

Zackary Ellis Sanders loves running because it’s truly a battle against yourself. Reaching new heights is completely dependent on a runner’s ability to stick to their routine and continue to push themselves a little bit further than maybe they thought they could. The mental battle for a runner is never worse than after an injury, explains Zackary Ellis Sanders. When an injury takes a runner away from their typical routine, the idea of starting all over again can be overwhelming. Today, Zackary Ellis Sanders will provide some tips any runner looking to get back to their running ways after an injury.

Zackary Ellis Sanders Says Understand How the First Injury Took Place

There’s no point in hitting the track, treadmill or streets before an injury is fully healed. That’s why it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis on an injury. A medical professional can provide guidance on the recovery time, provide rehabilitation tips, and examine the potential causes of the injury. A lot of running injuries occur because of poor form or poor shoes. It’s vital that shoes are providing enough ankle support to endure longer runs. Some injuries occur due to overwork and a lack of stretching. Listen to your body. If your hamstrings are tight or your quads are burning, be sure to incorporate a stretch routine into your running regimen. After speaking with a physical therapist, it’s important to take their guidance into account not only during the rehab process but after returning to running as well.

Don’t Quit All Exercise While Recovering

There are few injuries that require a complete separation from exercise during recovery. Sure, running may be off the table, but it doesn’t mean that all exercise should be paused. Whether it’s walking or some weight training, it is very important that a person recovering doesn’t allow their muscles to fatigue entirely. Having some sort of exercise routine will make the transition back into running much easier. A body in motion is the best weapon in the fight against stiffness, aches and pains.

Zackary Ellis Sanders on Easing Back into Running

When you first start a running routine, it’s all about gradually getting better over time. It may be frustrating to start out slowly – with more rest days in between – but it can set a runner up for long-term success. Not everyone has the willpower to return to running after an injury, so it’s important to give yourself some credit. The more positive self-talk, the better off a runner will be. Start by walking, then pick up a gradual pace when discomfort steps in, stop. Keep track of progress and it will be a quicker return to previous milestones than you may think.

Always Remember That Prevention is Easier Than Recovery

Every athlete is different. It’s important that every individual runner considers what their body is telling them. If some part of the body is starting to hurt or the lung capacity just isn’t there on a particular day, it’s important to stop the run and walk the rest of the route. The climb back after an injury is a pain. Taking the time to listen to one’s body is vital to avoiding injury and the setbacks that come with it.


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