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Zackary Ellis Sanders

Welcome to a website created by Zackary Ellis Sanders to help people better connect with the great outdoors. Zackary Sanders found himself in a state of constant contact with technology. Looking at a screen for 16 hours in any given day, Zackary Sanders slowly started to realize that the dependence on technology was affecting his mood and his overall health. Deciding to get proactive, Zackary Ellis Sanders began to dedicate himself to trying different outdoor activities. This website will allow Sanders to share his takeaways from his outdoor adventures and supply tips to fellow tech junkies looking to break away from the chains of technological dependence.

Zackary Ellis Sanders on Running

The first thing you notice when you start to run is that your brain is your biggest enemy. Almost at once after lacing up the running shoes and hitting the pavement, your brain will try to convince you that there are better ways to spend your time. Getting over this hurdle is easier when you travel further away from your home. Hitting a nature trail or a local track will help convince yourself that you are there for a purpose. The next way to overcome the first reluctance to running is to set small goals. No one is going to run a marathon their first time out. Whether the goal is a half mile or a mile, consistency will pay off. Just keep going day after day and accept that it may take you longer than you wish it did. If you have to stop to walk at the beginning of your running journey, so be it. Anyone who consistently tries to run will improve overtime and soon find that the “running high” is a very real thing. After a bit a daily run will become the best part of your day.

Zackary Ellis Sanders on Hiking

Hiking different trails is an amazing way to connect with nature. Much like with running, Zackary Sanders can’t stress enough how important it is to have the proper shoes and socks. A beautiful hiking trip can be halted by faulty footwear. Hiking boots should keep you dry and secure. In addition to great footwear, hiking is very contingent on weather conditions. Planning is crucial as hiking in the elements is not a great idea for beginners. Every hiker should have some essential gear with them. Even the most novice trails feature some potential for injury. It’s a good idea to have a basic first aid kit, a full water container, and a fully charged phone. While it may be unlikely that you find yourself in any danger or lost along the trail, it’s a precaution that could be the difference between rescue and disaster. One other great way to fall in love with hiking is to bring a friend. Having a hiking buddy is a great way to stay connected to others without needing a cell phone in your hand.

Zackary Ellis Sanders on Gardening

So much of breaking through the addiction of our phones and tablets is finding a way to rewire our minds and find a sense of peace. For some people, this means meditating and following their breath. For Zackary Ellis Sanders, this means tending to his garden. Gardening is a great way to become focused on something that isn’t stressful. The garden is an outlet from the chaos on social media, the deadlines at work or the upcoming presentation at school. Gardening allows a person to focus on growing a crop and tending to its care. Everything else floats away and allows the brain to relax as stress leaves the body. New gardeners should start by examining where on their property they can plant, checking to see what type of soil they are working with and then learning what types of plants or crops grow best in their area. There are countless books on gardening that can really aid beginners.

What’s Next?

Zackary Ellis Sanders will be regularly updating his blog to touch on a bevy of topics that will help you better connect with nature. This website will be aimed at beginners, but there will be lessons that everyone can receive help from.